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17 December 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Subject: Narcissa Black, while she's young.
Medium: Ebony pencil
Notes: I imagine this could have been snapped in an off moment. Bella's nearby commanding attention and everyone has simply forgotten to notice Cissa. In response, she's let her guard down a bit because she knows that there's no ignoring her sister. In my mind, she's thinking about Andromeda, but she wouldn't tell you that if you asked. She'd feign ignorance and claim to have been deep in thought, planning for her upcoming wedding.

The fairest of the Black sisters.Collapse )
01. Perception 2. Hold 03. Lessons 04. Rebirth 05. Haven
06. Double 07. Colours 08. Follow 09. Never Again 10. Commit
20 July 2008 @ 02:04 am

Bellatrix has a pocketwatch, a man's pocketwatch that looks as if it's some family heirloom.

The clasp is broken, but she suspects that it's been broken for much longer than she's been alive. When something has been a certain way for so long the need to fix it becomes silly. Besides, it's not the clasp that she finds so captivating anyway. There is no face on this pocketwatch, only dials are visible when it's opened up. It is not an heirloom. Bellatrix stole it.

The night it came into her possession, the dials clicked and turned until a roman numeral one burned red hot through the tiny golden frame.

She couldn't figure out why, at first. The man who clutched it had been laying in a pool of blood, dead for hours by her count. She picked it up and slipped it in her pocket. The number one glowed brightly under her cloak, a mystery.

That was almost a year ago.

The number now reads 19. She remembers them each with a smile. Nine grown men. Two children. Eight women.

A watch designed to remind the user that someone was keeping score. She kept it around because it did just that.

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10 July 2008 @ 01:44 pm
The Betrayl.


Preview: "I lied." Those two words would spark mistrust, rage and hatred in Bellatrix Black's already cold heart for the remainder of her life. There was no coming back from the betrayl. No way she could protect him anymore. She'd never give anyone a second chance again. Never. From then on, she was unfeeling to the world.

One shot. Reviews are welcome, this is my first fic everr! Lionel betraying Bella. You probably won't get it unless you follow 

A/N: I wrote this last summer and yes, it was my first fic ever. Just reposting here so I can keep it together cause I want to start writing again.


Subject: Bellatrix Black, around 17 or 18ish. Aka: After she becomes a D.E., but before the crazy sets in.
Medium: Ebony pencil
Notes: Hookay, this is my Bellatrix, or at least this is what she looks like in my mind. I was so surprised with myself b/c I basically just started drawing, I didn't go off a drawing or anything, which I normally do. So, yeah. This is what happens when my computer decides to die & I'm home alone for 4 hours with nothing to do.

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