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thisoneforkeeps's Journal

This One's For Keeps
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This comm is for my writing, art, & whatever. It's mine, meant for me and my amusement..

My name is Amanda. Yeah, Amanda, just like the other 6.245 million girls named Amanda. It's a common name, but whatever. I'm a junior in high school. I'm a normal teenager. I listen to music way too loudly. I'm far too absorbed in my own little world of boys and parties, but I don't care. I'll grow out of it. What makes me different than every other teenager, however, is that I can't just be passive. I have to say something, do something, be something constantly. I overanalyze everything. I can't spell for anything. I put myself in other people's shoes waaay too easily. I have to be in control of my world all the time. I could live on pure attention alone. All attention is good attention in my opinion, but I know that's not healthy or whatever.

I love to draw, I love to write 'specially when I get new music. I can't just listen to music without doing anything so drawing and writing are my escapes. I have no idea how often I'm going to update this and I don't expect any watchers/members. I recently found a notebook full of long forgotten half-written stories that I was so excited about when I started. This community is so I can find my stories and art quickly and easily. It's for me.

I have a fascination with words. I love how they look. I'm attempting to learn calligraphy/ be good at it. I'm also learning Latin and French so you'll prolly see alot of that in my work.

I am.

I play.
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