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10 July 2008 @ 01:44 pm
The Betrayl  
The Betrayl.

It was just after she'd done it, torchured Frank and Alice Longbottom into insanity, that is. She was so proud of herself and she had to share the feeling with someone, Lionel had always been that someone. Rodolphus was with her when it happened and would only laugh when she confessed how giddy she was after each torcher, each killing. Lionel Lovegood listened to her and for that she was forever grateful. 

Perhaps, looking back on it, she was blind to his choice. Maybe she knew in her heart and just didn't want to admit it. Either way, she trusted him far more than anyone else in her life.

"I've got something to tell you, Bella."  Lionel started. He was playing with a magical handkerchief she'd given him a while ago, twisting it into knots and refusing to look her in the eye. Bella knew that what was to come next wouldn't be good news. "I lied."

Every muscle in her body tensed, she hated being lied to.

"Lied? You lied about what Lionel?" She took his chin in her frail, bruised and scared hand and forced him to look up at her. She liked looking people in the eye, it made it easier to detect the emotions most people tried and failed to keep burried.

"Your hands look terrible, Bella. You won't be able to grip your wand if you keep that up, you know." His eyes screamed to her what he was doing. He was dodging her question, not wanting to tell her out of fear and something else, some emotion she couldn't quite place. Sadness, maybe? It wasn't important, she wanted the answer to the question.

She let go of his chin and he winced as if expecting her to strike him, but made no move to back away. 

"What did you lie to me about?" She said more forcefully. 

"I'm sorry. I tried to keep you out of this, but  damn it, Bella, you made me."  His eyes were tearing up. She started to panic.

"Tell me what's going on!" Her voice cracked, he didn't keep secrets from her. He wouldn't dare. 

"I joined-" 

Relief washed over her, he joined the Death Eaters! She cracked a smile and cut him off before he could finish the sentance.

"I told you you'd be a Death Eater someday!" She scrambled to pull up his sleeve to see it, the Mark that had defined her life, but his arm was bare. 

She looked up at him quizically and he attempted a smile. A deafening pop, no a bunch of pops sounded through the room. Her eyes didn't leave his, but she understood. He'd given her up. He didn't care about her. The Order was there to take her away. 

He betrayed her.

Her vision became blurred, tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she didn't look away. His eyes pleaded for forgiveness, hers begging for answers. 

One of the Order members now in a circle around them coughed, breaking the silence.

"I joined the Order." Lionel said needlessly. " I tried to keep you safe. I tried, Bella, I really did. You know I wouldn't give you up unless I had to. I'm sorry."

"I hate you." She hissed in reply before spinning around and wipping out her wand. She knew she was done for. There was no escaping one, two, .... thirteen Order members all with their wands pointed at her. That didn't mean she was giving up though, Blacks had a tendancy not to give up. 

Time slowed down, almost mocking her in her last few seconds of freedom. Allowing her to take in every detail so she could pine over the memory in Azkaban.

The people around her were terrified of what she'd do next, she could smell their fear. Among them were some familiar faces and some new ones. Lupin was there. He looked murderous, though she suspected it didn't have anything to do with her. There was an old man with a false eye, and an old woman with blue hair and a very crooked nose. Next to them, a younger looking woman with brown hair and to her surprise a hooked-nosed man with greasy black hair was standing next to Dumbledore. 

Snape's appearance among the Order members was the last straw. The final ounce of rational thinking left her and the only thing that made sense was utter rage and the desire to hurt every single one of them. 

Cruccio! She managed to yell through the tears. Her wand was pointed straight at Lionel, the reason why she was caught. The traitor. The one mistake she'd never come back from. 

The last thing she saw was a bite mark on his neck she'd given him, a lifetime ago it seemed, as his boyish blonde head of hair hit the floor with the rest of him and writhed in pain before thirteen stunners hit her from every direction. 

When she woke up she was in Azkaban prison, someone came to tell her she'd stand trial. She laughed and spat in their face.


Preview: "I lied." Those two words would spark mistrust, rage and hatred in Bellatrix Black's already cold heart for the remainder of her life. There was no coming back from the betrayl. No way she could protect him anymore. She'd never give anyone a second chance again. Never. From then on, she was unfeeling to the world.

One shot. Reviews are welcome, this is my first fic everr! Lionel betraying Bella. You probably won't get it unless you follow 

A/N: I wrote this last summer and yes, it was my first fic ever. Just reposting here so I can keep it together cause I want to start writing again.